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Bathroom Renovation Tips – What to do with walls?

Your bathroom wall? Paint, tiles – or both!

Most bathrooms these days use tiles on the floor and it can be quite a decision whether to tile the walls or paint or both! With pros and cons for both options, most clients say it comes down to three main considerations:

Upkeep and Maintenance:

Getting a good quality paint finish for your bathroom renovation is really important and no more so than in the bathroom where the surfaces will be ...

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What’s trending in tiles?

Subway style wall tiles

When renovating any area in the home, it is important to consider trends in the equation. I remember in our own house when doing our own bathroom renovation in the mid-90’s we had a really nice combination of yellow walls and blue – quite the thing then, and very much to our own taste.

Now, it seems the trend is either very big tiles or even what is being called the ‘subway’ tile style. Regardless of tile trends that ...

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Bathroom Renovation Tip #1 – Before you start

Before you start

So, you’ve decided that your bathroom is in need of a spruce up. You’ve maybe even visited a few bathroom hardware providers and visited a home renovations show. You’ve browsed through some magazines and now you’re starting to get a rough idea of what it is you want. STOP THERE!

Learn from mistakes that others have made. Don’t make your next step going to buy the hardware. Before buying your hardware, this is the time to talk with ...

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