Bathroom Renovation Tips – What to do with walls?

Your bathroom wall? Paint, tiles – or both!

Most bathrooms these days use tiles on the floor and it can be quite a decision whether to tile the walls or paint or both! With pros and cons for both options, most clients say it comes down to three main considerations:

Upkeep and Maintenance:

Getting a good quality paint finish for your bathroom renovation is really important and no more so than in the bathroom where the surfaces will be exposed to more moisture than nearly anywhere else in the house.

Tiling on the other hand requires other considerations such as good sealing and grouting – many clients we work with partially tile the wall and sometimes use a combination of tiles and paint depending upon the overall style and decor.


Sometimes the size of the bathroom can dictate which option is best. And, tiles can be a more permanent decision – you can repaint to update to a more modern look more easily that replacing tiles. However, if you choose a classic tile that stand the test of time, this can sometimes be a good option.

For bathrooms and in the US the trend in colour is more with the safer colours giving way to white crisp spa-like solutions with bright accents. A way to stamp your personality in a room that gets lots of traffic.


Tiling can sometimes seem to be the more expensive option, However, the painted surface requires several coats and so the time to dry needs to be taken into account if you are not painting the area yourself.

When thinking about your bathroom renovation, give us a call for further advice on how to make the right decision for your bathroom.

Rosemary Mahoney

Bathroom Renovations North Shore