Bathroom storage with tall cabinets.

Bathroom storage with tall cabinets.

So how do you fit in all the storage you need without overcrowding a compact space?

There are two main options to make the most of every inch: wall-mounted units and freestanding cabinets.

Wall-mounted Cabinets

This is the best option if your bathroom is really small.
Keeping the floor clear will not only keep the room free of clutter but will also help increase the feeling of space.

Similarly, white – especially white gloss – or pale-wood finishes on cabinets will stop the room feeling “closed in”, so bear this in mind when you choose your cabinets.
For a super-sleek vibe, seek out cabinets with sliding doors or finger pulls, rather than those with handles or knobs.

Slim, tall, and as unfussy as they come, this functional yet stylish wall-mounted cabinet is perfect for storing medicines and toiletries.